Why Micro Pigs are Great Pets

Cute Micro Piggie!
Pigs have a calm temperament; will not chew your shoes and are not hyper. They are smarter than dogs and they don’t smell. Pigs can be potty trained to a kitty box and litter. Pigs won’t rack up vet bills, all they require is a simple worming once a year that can bed one at home. With pigs, there is no shedding, so no allergies. They do not bite. They go for walks and love to be in a kiddie pool in the summer. They will lay on your lap through a movie, even a double feature. Food cost is less than dog food. The females do not bleed during heat.

Medication such as Heartgard™ for dogs is very expensive, but for micro pigs, it is cheap. For dogs every month on the deworming medication, the cost for six months’ supply is $120. With a micro pig, it costs $10 per year.