How to Care for Your Piglet

Care for your micro pig


Micro pigs have a calm temperament; will not chew your shoes and are not hyper. They are smarter than dogs and they don’t smell. They love to be in a kiddie pool in the summer. They will lay on your lap through a movie, even a double feature. If you chose to keep you piggie outside, you will need to provide a heated dog house during cold weather. They like to play and they love human contact and attention.


We recommend a doggie door if you keep the piggy in the house. This way they can be trained to relieve themselves outside. They can be house trained like a dog by using crate training. They go for walks on a leash. No need for hoof trimming as long as they walk on the sidewalk and live on a firm surface. Food costs less than dog food. Ear cleaning is once a month, taking a damp cloth to clean their ears. Glycerin mixed with water spray for their dry skin in the winter.


Mazuri is the hormone-free food that we recommend feed their pigs. Full grown pigs require 1/2 cup to a full cup mixed with water twice a day. Hormone-free food guarantees the small (14-16 inch full grown) size of micro pigs. We sell Micro Pigs, only. Feeding micro pigs excessive hay will make them grow larger than normal. Occasionally feeding them vegetables is ok and is good for them. They need free access to clean water also.